The project creates an opportunity
to analyse human space from the point of view
of young Europeans

Fresh Design 2016 – Young Europe about Design
is a fourth edition of international design workshops. We are inviting students of art and technology schools from Europe and beyond to take part in it. This will be another chance to exchange the experiences, ideas and work together on the solutions to problems which are universal for every participant.

This year’s topic of Fresh Design is “RIVER: CONNECTIONS”. Just like in November last year, the workshop groups will be working on the development of Odra river area in the Wroclaw city center. Results of previous workshops will serve as the starting point for the new projects. Young designers will focus on selected problems defined in the master plans created during Fresh Design 2015. We will try to reconnect the city and its people with the river.

Have a look at our Catalog – overview of 2015 edition